When we created Gulshaan® (rose garden), we wanted to distinguish ourselves from the gear of mass consumerism and globalization, and choose quality and ethic in our method of production and our customer relations.
The brand was created in 2014 by Imaan M, a young French designer. Born in Paris, she has been sensitized at a young age to fashion by her grandmother who was dressmaker for famous fashion houses in Paris. She studied fashion design and modeling, but also sociology, social/humanitarian work and intercultural mediation. In addition to that, she graduated in urdu and pashto studies and spent time in Pakistan. Gulshaan is the natural outcome of these interest and experiences. 

Our creations are designed in France, and made ethically in Pakistan. Our brand is clearly part of the Modest Fashion movement, but also of the slow fashion movement, by its ethical dimension, and the willingness to change certain codes of fashion.


Pakistan was not a choice, but rather, it emerged quite obviously , because this part of the world is our universe, with regard to fashion and culture. Everything began there, it's the origin of the project, and its reason to exist. But we didn't want Gulshaan to become just another occidental shop that subcontracts in under-developed countries. We wanted to participate in the local economy, promote the traditional craftsmanship and help a vulnerable part of the population : women.

This help to women of Pakistan was something important for us before Gulshaan, and that we could carry to a successful conclusion thanks to the brand and the company.

By choosing to work with workshops in Pakistan that promote women's empowerment and train them, we chose the traditional and social way in a fairtrade approach, over an industrial production that would not make any sense to us.Some of these women work in workshops, some have the opportunity to work at home, to facilitate their daily work and family life.


Idealist and supporter of an ethical and authentic fashion, we consider fashion design as a transmission medium, a vector of messages by which the cultures, history and poetry meet and share, and where art mixes with commitment.
Inspired by different cultural influences, Gulshaan's designs are an invitation to travel. They bring a new freshness to Modest Fashion in a mix of noble materials, and in the subtle alternation of prints, plain fabrics and traditional embroidery.
We only use high quality natural fabric : cotton, linen, wool, silk, etc. woven in various qualities depending on the design. These high-quality fabrics don't contain any chemical fiber, so are very comfortable to wear and touch, and they let the body breathe. We also work the traditional hand made embroidery. 
Each garment of our collection has a story, it comes from afar, and conveys a bit of an entire culture, mixed with another one, definitely western and modern. We imagined, conceived, and designed it, and the farment itself has gone through several hands, from France to Pakistan and from Pakistan to France. 


The blog is our way of making you travel, dream and escape, enter the Gulshaan world through another door than the eshop. It is an indispensable part of our work, a whole section of our project, the vector of another image between travel, modest fashion and ethical initiatives. Gulshaan is not only about fashion, we also wanted to share, talk about culture, anecdotes, news, travel, cooking and everyday life... Our blog is not yet in english, but the english version is coming soon... Stay tuned !